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    • Nyatoh
    • KSK
    • Merbau
    • Merpauh
    • Kasah
    • Meranti
    • Simpoh
  • Sliced Veneers
    • Nyatoh veneers
    • KSK veneers
    • Kasah veneers
    • Meranti veneers
      • Thickness of Veneers:
      • Length:
        7 feets- 10 feets
      • Width:
        5 inches – 7 inches

If your product is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Mei Timber Enterprise is owned by Mr. Teo Kiat Poh. Mei Timber Enterprise was incorporated in year 1990. The main business is focus on timber trading and veneer slicing.

The office and factory is located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. At the beginning, Mr. Teo was doing timber trading for almost 10 years. After that, Mr. Teo has foresaw the demand for veneers. Thus he has invested on veneer production method to reach its demands.

Our objective is to provide best qualities of products to our customers. Since we are experienced in timber trading and veneer slicing, thus our company has a good reputation in timber industry.